Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Taking the Next Step in the Death Industry Essay

Taking the Next Step in the Death Industry - Essay ExampleRaji (2007) stated that consumer passes through and through various stages of decision making process before taking a decision regarding the purchase of product (p.13). It is further mentioned that need for a product is the set-back stage in buying decision process (Raji, 2007, p.13) and various researches suggest that customers go through five stage decision making process which includes data search, evaluation of alternatives, purchasing and post purchase evaluation apart from need recognition (http// Morticians may follow the decision making process of buyers and could include the webpage helping in the package of funeral products explaining the benefits to the consumer and friends like allowing long distance relative and friends to send condolence messages and other notes.According to Clow (2007) dual channel marketing is when firms sell the comparable goods or services to both consumers as well as busines ses(p.107). In present scenario, Nancy and Margo are targeting morticians as they are in direct contact with the relatives and friends of the deceased person. It is further pertinent to mention that the website impart also setup links to the newspaper wherein the short obituary will include the web address which itself will create direct customer relations for the website. This makes it clear that Nancy and Margo, through morticians are creating market for themselves as well as developing direct relations with the customer, therefrom giving an indication of the use of dual channel program. The strategy of Nancy and Margo, not directly promoting the service to patron, is correct because morticians, who sens with funeral materials and accessories, can strike a deal with them along with the materials instead of Nancy and Margo going to the patrons and promoting their website.The concept of providing website dedicated to deceased person is innovative and may strike a chord among peo ple living in technological era. Though

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