Monday, June 10, 2019

Employee Relations Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Employee Relations - Case Study ExampleThese items pass through their network of 70 mail centers, 8 regional distribution centers and3,000 delivery offices. Then the fleet of over 30,000 red vehicles and 33,000 bicycles help them to deliver these items to their final destinations or recipients.Employment kindred or industrial relations get outicularly refers to the legal relationship between the employer and the employee. Thus its obvious that employment relationship creates a set of reciprocal rights and identical obligations on the part of the employer and the employee (Darlington, 2009). A healthy relationship between employers and employees is a very important factor in the efficiency and the success of any organization. When considering the outwear relations and disputes, a small conflict between the above parties can be a serious issue and it can turn the entire demarcation into bankruptcy if both parties do not negotiate with each other and find solutions quickly and effe ctively. This is due to the fact that the talk terms power of individuals or interchange unions is unlimited. So it is necessary to have a stable policy and procedure for the effective execution of employee relations, especially regarding the labor disputes (Bennett, 1999).Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration suffice (ACAS) is the governing body and the facilitator of employee relations and conflict issues in... The employees argon demanding high wages to make adjustments to their living costs against inflation in the economy by magnanimous various reasons to justify the issue, such as higher operating cost in the organization due to a lack of experience and the commitment of the executives. And they contend the importance of the organization and its existence in order to serve the people in the country. They feel that there is a negative attitude towards the employees on the part of the administrative officers. They further argue that the high wages of Royal Mails chief execu tive officers is one of the reasons for their woes. The employees feel that there is a huge discrimination in wage levels between and among executives and the workers.There are various bargaining positions adopted by the employees, such as distributive bargaining and classic bargaining. In all these positions are adopted in order to secure increases in the wage level of the employees, reduce the work hours and get approvals for medical leaves. Yet another type of bargaining is the integrative bargaining that includes raising health and safety of the employees to improve the quality of life of employees. Intra-organizational bargaining is concerned with the matters relating to internal problems such as wastage, long operative hours etc. If employees are not confident that the authorities are not considering their bargaining issues they susceptibility possibly go for the union tactics to redress their grievances. Slowdowns of the operations, stoppages and however outright strikes a re staged by them to win over rights. If the employees feel first two tactics are not going to work they might conduct a public strike as

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