Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ART Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 23

ART - Essay ExampleThe artist has reflected light over the leaves by painting them yellowish squirt. The distance mingled with one tree and the next has been made prominent by lending a lighter shade of green to the leaves of the nearby trees and a darker shade of green to those in the distance.From the apparent empurpled blue sky and the chandeliers hanging along the way, it seems that the time of the day captured in the picture is evening that is soon to transform into the night. speckle one can see even without the chandeliers for the time being, they would be a must to enhance the vision once the sky turns any darker. This picture makes me tint like being in the middle of a forest. It intents like the beginning of a story. There is a lot to tell depending upon how one interprets the destination that the piece of land leads to. The pathway king just end in a steep slope offering no further land to continue the movement, or it might just slide downward as the trees on the si de indicate thus leading the audience to an unknown destination. As the audience of this picture, I feel welcomed into the world of endless imagination of the artist. I feel like the artist has provided me with a direction and has left it upon me to choose to what length I go in that direction. It is like the artist has handed over the tools to me but at the same time, deters from becoming the controlling force so that I use those tools in any(prenominal) way I want. The effect of the picture on me as an audience is empowering. I feel like the artist is questioning me where I would go from there, video display me the picture. It seems to be just the start of a journey in two ways firstly, the pathway seems to have just started and it is for the audience to decide where it ends, and secondly, the sky is purplish blue indicating evening while the lit candles in the chandeliers indicate the preparations of the night when the sky would be darker. So the moment captured in the

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