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Stefan EdbergThe tennisplayer Stefan Edberg is nowadays a legend in his sport. I met himmyself in France in 1987. I was 8 years old. He and the other members of theSwedish Daviscup group were playing the Daviscup against France. However, beforethe training I met them in the lobby of their hotel in Frjus. My father knewthe Swedish captain of the team so we could watch them training.After thatStefan has been unrivalled of my idols. I play tennis a lot myself. But now to thestory about Stefan Edberg.Saw the adHis career sireed when the local paper in Vstervik ( the town where he wasborn ) had an advertisement about mini-tennis in the early 70s. It said Day oftennis.Luckily his mother Barbro read the article and like it. The day aftershe sent her son to the tennis-school for beginners. At that time she didntknow how important this initiative would be to Stefan, to Swedish tennis andeven to the world tennis. An unimagined athletic career had seen the morninglight.Was convinced to co ntinueThe seven year old Stefan struck his first hits at the tennis school in thesommer of 1973. To start with he played once a week. He liked his new sportbut was close to quitting after the first term. -My friend wanted to quit,and sodid I. But my trainer convinced me to continue, Stefan says with a smile on hisface. The young Edberg soon became taken by the sport. Soon he played matcheswith the boys team, and outside his folk he played fantasy Davis Cup-matches. Inthe sommer holidays he almost lived at the tennis court. At the age of ten hestopped playing his dickens other sports, football and icehockey, and concentratedeverything on tennis. Soon he won his first tournament, Ostkustensprla, avery memorable victory for him.Star even in schoolBut a couple of years went by before he dared to go in for tennis full time.He was in the one-ninth grade as took the big step and gave tennis the big chance.-I felt I had a serious chance of becoming a worldplayer. Because I had middling wo n JEM and taken a set on Mats Wilander who was a professional player,Stefan says. But it couldnt have been an easy choice, because Stefan wasalso a very good scholar with an average about 4,3 after the ninth grade.He was better than all the othersThe trainers at the club where he was training, Westerviks TK, quickly realized

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