Friday, June 21, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 12

Assignment - Essay ExampleAlso, he has not sharply brought the impression that the striking pick of white smoke is not cloud, but smoke.Irrespective of the type of camera used, the focus of the image is clear. The characterisationgrapher clearly aims and focuses on the tallest tower under fire attack. Other buildings surrounded by the tower are an addition to indicate the extent of damage brought about by the great explosion. The shoal discretion of field used leaves every element out of focus except the buildings under attack, as well as the messy environment created by the impact. The persona for using a shallow depth of field is to keep the viewers focus on the main subject (the tower), and to bring about a sense of mystery over where the event occurred. Additionally, crafting a monochromatic tone brings about a vintage feeling which further reminds the viewer that it is an historical event.When it comes to matters concerning the frame of the shot, the photographer intends to guide the viewers roaming eyes from the tower of focus, to the buildings surrounding it. The photojournalist also seeks to show the viewer the surrounding environments and buildings that have been literary blanketed by the mushroom of smoke coming from the tower. This adds extra interest on the picture.In the second picture, the photographer seeks to create an impression of a war-tone environment where there are casualties of war. He focuses on the dark, often unmentioned effects of war. The soldier pictured, is the subject of focus. The object he is trying to hold with his two hands, is probably a war victim, who might be a fellow soldier, or innocent non-combatants. The object that relays an impression of war includes the full combat outfit worn by the person under focus.The photo has an extremely sharp contrast which creates a blurring effect. The point of interest in this photo is the soldier. To distinguish them from other elements captured, the photographer captured a photo with a shallow depth of field,

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