Saturday, October 19, 2019

HISTORICAL THEORISTS LETTERRole of the Teacher Assignment

HISTORICAL THEORISTS LETTERRole of the Teacher - Assignment Example Most American schools have a sense of American culture that may at times shock immigrant children. This is due to the constant cultural shifts they experience in the course of transitioning from school to home. Each culture upholds its own set of values that act as driving forces of the people in that particular culture. What happens when two contrasting cultures collide in the lives of these youth? The end result of such a scenario is that they negate one culture and pledge themselves fully to the other. While this may seem an amicable solution, it is important to note that both cultures in this scenario have different roles that are equally important to children’s development. Amid such increasing pressure, children are likely to succumb to pressures of American culture due to their increased interaction with it and due to their friends’ influence. Unfortunately, the oppressed culture is depleted, together with the influence carried by its upholders, reducing parentsà ¢â‚¬â„¢ authority and control over their children. As such, the children delve into the perilous business of lacking sufficient life knowledge, making them ill-equipped to succeed. To avoid this, I have concluded that public schools need to â€Å"provide the beginnings of a wide, deep, and universal culture that allows a world class interpretation of parents and countrymen† (Addams). Secondly, it is quite obvious that the repercussions of such poor nurturing will be passed on to the next generation. For example, â€Å"I do not believe that children who have been cut off from their own parents will be those who, when they become parents themselves, will know how to connect the family together and to connect it with the state† (Addams). This is because they lack better methods of survival and sufficient knowledge to pass on, consequently creating an irresponsible and corrupt society. This scenario charges schools with the obligation to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to

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