Tuesday, October 15, 2019

CCHBC Supply and Demand Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

CCHBC Supply and Demand Management - Assignment Example The paper tells that the ability to meet the demands of both the external and internal environment within a multinational corporation requires planning and implementation through various means. The structure which is followed through Coca Cola’s HBC is one which provides alternative methods to ensure that various needs are met for the product. This is based on the operations strategic management and the ability to control the supply and demand with planning and control. The way in which CCHBC is able to work with suppliers and monitor principles within the corporation furthers the advantages of the corporation and the strategies which are developed. Examining the relevant approaches which are associated with CCHBC and how these are assisting with the development of the corporation then is able to provide an alternative approach to the development of corporations at a global level and with a strategic infrastructure. The first concept which is approached within CCHBC is the ope rations strategic management and the ability to achieve strategic aims. The approach which CCHBC is using is based on the four main principles of meeting the supplies and demands, including availability, affordability, acceptability and activation. These are operation management practices which are practically applied at various levels to ensure that the quality is maintained within each procedure. The availability is one which centers on the supply chain management and accuracy of each of the orders. This is followed by the affordability, specifically which associates with the quality control and planning while assisting with competitive prices dependent on the location of suppliers and region of the country. The acceptability furthers with quality control and planning and is based on matching with specific standards for the CCHBC to continue with high – quality products. The activation which is associated with this includes having the right price, location and brand while d eveloping the management processes and cohesion. This occurs through multi – departmental agreements. The approach which is used for quality control and planning as well as supply chain management is one which builds strength and reliability

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