Sunday, September 8, 2019

What can be done to improve the college graduation rate Essay - 1

What can be done to improve the college graduation rate - Essay Example There are many colleges and universities that have tried to improve their graduation rates and have succeeded in doing so (Davis, 2010). Graduation rate of any country is a reflection of far more than what may seem. The number of college students graduating from a college shows an insight to its accountability and transparency. The graduation rates show a great deal about the college itself and a low number of graduating students may indicate an unsatisfactory performance by the college or it may point towards something faulty within the organization (Sealey-Morris, 2015). The constant increment in the wage given to the students in order to increase the college graduation rate has been unsuccessful in tackling the situation and the increased amount of students enrolled in college courses are not directly proportional to the amount of students graduating from these colleges. The most probable reason behind this decrease in the degree attainment rate may be due to the inappropriate balance within the student body or alterations within this student body. Other possible reasons behind the decrease in graduation rate is t he increased segregation within the education system of the country and the lack of helpful resources for the students within an organization hence, it can be said that the overcrowded college institutions have a lower rate of graduation. Another important reason behind the decrease in the degree attainment rates may be due to the lack of financial resources available for the students, this is because a large number of students are employed in part time jobs while they are enrolled in college and this is to make up with the tuitions and study costs of their study courses (Bound, Lovenheim & Turner, 2010). The first step that can be ensued in order to increase the graduation rate is to increase the equality among

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