Monday, September 23, 2019

French laundry ( marketing analysis) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

French laundry ( marketing analysis) - Essay Example With the advent of the economic recession the sales of the restaurants have also been affected because of the reduced number of the customers. The owner and chief chef Thomas Keller has framed a unique identity for the restaurant in United States of America. To understand the present state of the restaurant certain management tools were used and the analysis has been provided below: The restaurant, French laundry has a strong market position. The name of the restaurant has become synonymous for rich and exotic food which provides a memorable experience for the gourmets. Many people are of the opinion that French laundry restaurant is not just an eatery; rather it’s the place where they create moments for the life time (Fish, 2009). However after the financial recession in US, the restaurant is losing its market position. The restaurant has achieved its present market position by the combined effort of all its members, starting from the head chef to the person who serves the food. Each and every aspect is so well managed that every moment spend in the restaurant becomes an experience to be cherished (The French Laundry, 2007). The French laundry is awarded three stars; the most coveted honour, in the restaurant industry. There are however, many more restaurants in US which share the three star rating with French laundry and are its strong competitors. The economical downturn has reduced the threat from new entrants in US market, but competition among the existing restaurants have increased a lot (The New York Times-a, n.d.). The restaurant is very much concerned regarding its raw materials and takes care to ensure a smooth and effective Supply Chain. French Laundry subsidised the farmers so that they can generate healthy off-season revenue. The restaurant prefers to use fresh fruits for the recipe and the left over fruits are used for making jams, cider vinegars, wine barrels etc. The

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