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ICT Meeting Special Needs Essay Example for Free

ICT Meeting Special Needs Essay Introduction In this report I will describe a wide range of technologies which Tony Mcnulty, who is disabled, with an evaluation of the extent to which these meet their needs. Tony is paralyzed so he can no longer use his hands and legs properly. Sometimes Tony cannot hear very well sometimes and has to have sentences repeated to him several times. Tony was formally an architect but he fell off a building site whilst on a job. He now gets his staff to go on sites and he draws the designs at home. Tony is cared for by his brother but is married with three children. Tony normally goes out with his friends to pubs and clubs with people with similar disabilities. Technology 1 Electronic Wheelchair An electronic wheelchair is a wheelchair which uses a battery (usually a gel cell or wet cell) that must be re-charged on a regular basis. These types of wheelchairs are significantly heavier than most manual wheelchairs because they must house both the battery weight and the weight of any additional adaptive equipment. Advantages The advantages of electronic wheelchairs are that they are powered by a battery which means less physical use of the body for those who find it hard to use their hands properly. Another advantage of electronic wheelchairs is that there is no need for someone to assist you can go by yourself. Another advantage is that it easier going uphill because you are not using up any of your energy. Disadvantages The disadvantages of electronic wheelchairs are that they cannot be folded like manual wheelchairs so this may be a problem in small houses. Another disadvantage is that the battery runs out and needs to be charged so you can not travel far without it needing a recharge. Personal Needs An electronic wheelchair meets Tonys personal needs because he can go out anywhere he wants to go without the need of assistance from anyone. He also goes out and does shopping if his carers are not at home. An electronic wheelchair meets Tonys personal needs because Tony has the chance to go out for fresh air for longer and more often because if Tony used a manual wheelchair he gets tired of moving it with his hands so would then have to go back home. Another personal use that Tony uses the wheelchair for is to go shopping, the wheelchair allows him to do this on his own, as it can lift to reach products on high shelves and it can also climb stairs, meaning that he can go shopping almost anywhere without being assisted by a family member or a friend to help him. But with his power wheelchair he goes out for a lot longer but he has to be back home before the battery runs out. Evaluation of how it meets his personal needs It can be found from the personal needs above that the Electronic wheelchair fairly effective at meeting Tonys needs. This is because Tony needs the wheelchair to be able to run for at least 6 or 7 hours at the time, and it can do this very easily, this is as the battery life of the electric wheelchair is reasonably long and it can allow Tony to stay on the move for long periods of time. Also because the frame of the Wheelchair is so strong, it allows him to do a lot of things. For example the wheelchair has the ability to climb stairs, and without the strong frame it would simply break apart under Tonys weight, so therefore the strong frame allows the technology to meet his needs even more effectively as it proves that it is dependable and will not crack under pressure. Electric wheelchair is mainly positive, however it has some problems, one being that because it is so heavy due to its metal frame, Tony finds it hard to travel with it meaning that he cant really go on holiday on hi s own or even fold it away when he is at home, although he never really does as he cant walk. This means that the electric wheelchair is not completely successful at meeting Tonys needs, but it is the best thing for it as other forms of wheelchair simply do not have enough functions to help Tony. Social Needs An electronic wheelchair meets Tonys social needs because he can take it to go out with his friends and family on outings. He also doesnt have to worry about the battery running out because his friends or family members push him home whenever this does happen. Electronic wheelchairs allow Tony to more free time because he is going out with his friends so he can get to the destination faster rather than pushing a manual wheelchair around and having to stop for quick breaks when he gets tired. He can also set other dates to go out on his days off. The electric wheelchair has quickly become an integral part of his social life as it simply has allowed him to do things he was not able to do before, such as going out for a drink or even going to go and watch a football match with his mates. As the Technology meets this need, it gives him the opportunity to go out with friends to bars and restaurants, which is his main social need. Evaluation of how it meets his Social needs The Electric wheelchair is almost perfect at meeting Tonys social needs as it has almost all the properties needed to meet his social needs. Due to its reasonably long battery life it allows him to successfully meet his social needs, such as going out for lengthy periods of time, giving him more time to enjoy himself. The electric wheelchair is one of his most helpful tools that help him conquer his disability, but even this technology has some problems. For example due to it being quite dangerous because it is vulnerable to faults, such as the brakes not working. Professional Needs Tony uses his electronic wheelchair in his professional life because he cant walk properly very much without falling so he takes his electronic wheelchair to work so he can look around the building site properly An electronic wheelchair meets Tonys professional needs because he can look around the building site properly without having to tell his staff to look around all of the time and make suggestions. The electric wheelchair is a vital part of Tonys workplace, in terms of mobility. As I have said earlier, Tony is an architect, and this involves a large number of tasks that are almost impossible for him. Especially the electric wheelchair, it allows him to perform the most crucial part of being an architect. It lets him get to sites on time and then move around the site so that he can keep on top of all his jobs and do it on his own, as the wheelchair allows him to move freely in and around his workplace. Another important need of Tony that he has at work is that he needs to be able to go up stairs to view sites which require climbing stairs so his wheelchair allows him to climb stairs as it has this function, meaning that he can get around work without having to get people to carry him up stairs. Evaluation of how it meets his professional needs Overall the technology is very effective at meeting Tonys professional needs. It gives him the opportunity to move around building sites freely as the wheelchair can get through the tightest spaces, meaning that is effective at meeting his need off moving around building sites effectively. Also because the battery life of the wheelchair is quite long it can get him through the average 9 to 5 day and even more as it is possible for the day to be delayed. Therefore the electric wheelchair helps Tony get through any un-suspected surprises that might come up at work. This makes the wheelchair very reliable as it is not only mobile but very reliable and Tony can almost always depend on it. Although the wheelchair is very good at meeting Tonys work needs, it lacks a few things, for example, if Tony had a worst job he would not be able to afford the wheelchair that he has and he might not be able to keep his job without it. Also because the wheelchair can be dangerous sometimes, he often ne eds the help of colleagues to help him out in certain situations, such as opening doors or getting down stairs. Technology 2 Braille Keyboard The Braille keyboard was designed to stop the development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Repetitive Motion Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Disorders and Repetitive Stress Injuries, and other injuries. Your entire upper body and arms are relaxed as your wrists remain straight while you type. Advantages The advantages of a Braille keyboard are that it helps stop the development of many diseases which may save you lots of pain in the future. Disadvantages The main disadvantage of a Braille keyboard is that it costs more than a standard keyboard so this may be a problem for people that cant work. Personal Needs Tony uses his Braille keyboard in his free time when he is using his computer at home he mainly uses it to browse the internet. He also uses it to type letters to companies and spreadsheets for tax purposes. A Braille keyboard meets Tonys personal needs because he uses the internet on a daily basis. Although he can use a standard keyboard it puts lots of strain in his hands so he then has to stop. Another need it meets is that it allows him to use a computer that he can surf the internet and do any other things he may want to do. Also a Braille keyboard allows him to make notes and type letters to people through meaning that he no longer has to rely on a notepad and pen. Evaluation of how it meets his personal needs The Braille keyboard is very successful at meeting Tonys personal needs. This is because it allows him to do a lot of things he was unable to do before on his own, primarily communicating with people in spare time which he was unable to do before due to his disability. Also the fact that he no longer has to rely on people to help him around the house means that the Braille Keyboard does its job really well when he is actually spending time on the computer. The Braille keyboard is also very successful at meeting Tonys personal needs as he can connect it to his wheelchair and have it with him almost everywhere, meaning that not only can he be independent at home but also outside the home. Therefore he can use it like a laptop. Although the Braille keyboard seems to be great it has some setbacks. For example it is very expensive and Tony had to save every penny to get it, meaning that there was a chance he could not get the keyboard. This is because he has already had to invest in other expensive technologies to meet his needs such as the Electronic wheelchair. Professional Needs The Braille keyboard has eventually become the heart of Tonys workplace as it allows him to do his job in almost the same way as he used to do before he sustained his disability. The keyboard gives him the opportunity to go to building sites again and to continue his job as he used to, maybe not as fast as before and with a few mistakes but there is no doubt that slowly it allows him to get back to a normal architects organization. Being a architect also involves a lot of computer input and the Braille keyboard allows him to do it very easily so he can input as much information as he wants into any kinds of types of programs, such as typing letters in Microsoft Word or creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. Evaluation of how it meets his professional needs The Braille keyboard is efficient at meeting Tonys work needs. It gives him the chance to once again have the same work life as he had before his accident by allowing him to do things that are important to his job that he could not do without it. For example with the keyboard he can still create designs which are required of him as an architect. Therefore this allows him to do his job even though he has a disability. Also because it can be connected to a computer it allows him to complete any computer input he may have at his office without the use of extra technologies such as a tracker ball mouse or a single fingered keyboard, meaning that it is very effective as it incorporates a few technologies in one. However the Braille keyboard sometimes has problems inputting information into a computer as he sometimes finds it hard to fully control his hands meaning that the Braille keyboard is not always fully successful at meeting Tonys work needs. Technology 3 Stair lift A stair lift is for people who cannot use their own feet to climb the stairs or for people who sometimes get dizzy whilst climbing the stairs. Advantages The advantages of stair lifts are that you can climb the stairs without being afraid that you will fall and you can climb the stairs any time of the day without the worry of possibly having to climb the stairs. Disadvantages The disadvantages of stair lifts are that most stair lifts are very expensive to buy and maintain. Another disadvantage is that if the lift stops working the person may not be able to climb the stairs until the lift is back working. Personal Needs Tony uses a stair lift personally as he has to climb the stairs to go to any of the rooms. He also has to have a shower upstairs so he uses the lift many times a day. Tony also has to use the lift to get to his bedroom when he is going to sleep. A stair lift meets Tonys personal needs because he uses the lift many times a day and cannot live in his own house without it. Tony has to use the lift every day and several times a day. Also the stair lift has allowed him to and from his own room as he can now use the stair lift without the fear of falling down the stairs. The stair lift can also be used by him to communicate with friends through email, as he has to climb the stairs to get to his computer. Evaluation of how it meets his personal needs The single finger keyboard is good at meeting at Tonys needs, this is as the stair lift is very easy to use and it takes little time to get used to operating it. This means that Tony learns how to use more and more technologies so if he bought another similar technology it would not be very hard for him to use as he can quickly learn the ins and outs of this easy to device. The stair lift is also very good at meeting Tonys personal needs as it is reasonably cheap and he doesnt have to spend large amounts of cash in order to be able to climb stairs, this allows him to save money for more essential things. Professional Needs Tony uses the stair lift for a number of important work needs. One of the most important was that the stair lift allowed him to get to his office on the second floor of his home, meaning that he could do his job again even though at a slower pace. Another need that it met was that he could transport documents whilst on the stair lift without needing someone to help him. Also with the help of the stair lift he can gain access to his computer which is also in his office so he can once again type letters to clients and business partners without having someone to do it for him, meaning that he can do most of the real important things that an architect has to do. Evaluation of how it meets his professional needs The stair lift is good at meeting his work needs as it allows him to do one of the most important architect tasks, which are computer designs. This means that his work life can go back to an almost normal state, as the stair lift is very good at helping him work through the disability and resuming a almost normal working life. Without the stair lift he would have had to move his office downstairs then he would have had to sacrifice one of the rooms downstairs to make way for his office. Due to the large amounts of work that have to be done in a architects office, the keyboard frequently has to be maintained as it is cheap parts and it can easily break, meaning that it could break at any moment, not letting Tony work until he gets a replacement or he has to wait for an engineer to fix it for him. Therefore the stair lift doesnt completely meet Tonys work needs.

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