Friday, August 23, 2019

Difference in the Leadership Styles Between Japan and America Essay

Difference in the Leadership Styles Between Japan and America - Essay Example If they are paying for the product, they want to ensure that the quality is worth it. Roudan Al-Roudan discussed Levitt’s prediction and most of the class disagreed with his ideas. Each of the topics was discussed after doing substantial research with the help online sources as well as books and journals. Let us now look into their topic individually for a better understanding. Yousef Al-Awadhi started this topic with the idea that there is no clear definition of leadership in particular. It is unpredictable and considered to be very diverse and each of the different forms has very distinctive definitions (Achua and Lussier, 2000). Leadership is determined with the help of various attributes such as quality, effectiveness, behavior, connection designs and of course the position of the leaders (Yukl, 1998). In most of the cases, a leader can simply be defined as a person who guides his or her subordinates towards a particular pre-defined objective for the welfare of an organization. Likewise, there are various definitions and each of them is different to one another in terms of the leadership styles and recognition. Researchers have used many methods to determine each of these leadership styles and their outcome in the long run (Yukl, 1998). There are many studies which discuss the link between leadership styles and culture. In a similar manner, the researchers found out that leadership styles vary from culture to culture (Han et al., 1996). He then went on the take the example of two countries, Japan and USA. Both of the countries have distinctively different leadership styles and culture. The earlier researches done by several writers gives us the idea that leadership styles also differ with respect to the organization and its religious differences.

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